Posted On: November 17, 2010
Posted In: 3D, Arcade & Action, Games & Emulation, Paid Apps

It was thanks to Gameloft’s action games Nova and Sandstorm that I finally learned how to properly play first-person-shooters on touchscreens.

It’s essential that your device supports multitouch and that the game has a flawless implementation of it in order for such games to work, and while Nova rocks some of the most beautiful 3D graphics that currently can be seen on an Android, the game is somewhat difficult to control on my HTC Desire.

Still, Nova is a great sci-fi FPS with graphics similar to Quake 2. The single-player campaign features 6 weapons, which you can use to annihilate enemies on 13 levels in various environments such as jungle, snow, spaceship, bunker and an alien city. The game also features a multi-player deathmatch mode via LAN or the Internet.

Like all games from Gameloft, you have to buy Nova from the company’s own store.