Frodo C64

Frodo C64

Posted On: November 16, 2010
Posted In: Emulation, Games & Emulation

The iconic Commodore C64 was manufactured for an impressive 12 years: it was released in 1982 and wasn’t discontinued until 1994. The totally old-school, über-retro 2nd generation ColecoVision was my first video game console (it was considered rather obsolete even when I got it), and later my parents bought me a used C64. It was my first home computer and it was magical: a new world to be discovered. I even tried to write some software for the C64 in BASIC. Frodo is a very popular (and portable) C64 emulator that is available for many different platforms (main website).

The Frodo port for Android is called Frodo C64, and I quite like it. Sure, the on-screen controls could be improved, as well as other aspects, but the emulator works, has sound, runs games at fairly decent frame rates, and it can save and load states. Hopefully the developer will continue to improve Frodo C64 for Android and make the port grow.

When one contemplates the fact that the C64 had a humble 0.985 MHz processor and merely 64 KB of RAM — that’s a more than a 1000 times slower CPU and 9000 times less RAM than what my HTC Desire is packing, and games still run comparatively choppy on it, one realizes just how much an emulator / port of a system can slow processing down.

All hardcore C64 geeks might want to check out the related apps C64 Games Music Collection and SID Player. I still got my old Commodore 64, although I haven’t started it for at least 12 years. Hopefully it’s still working.