Posted On: November 11, 2010

Top Android Apps
The Android Market has over 300 000 apps – here’s the top 0.2% that’s actually worth installing

All apps are handpicked, carefully selected and tested by AndroidAppolo.com. Each app has a mini review and if a demo/review video is available for the application, it will be displayed as well. No bad apps are allowed: the site only features the very best apps Android has to offer.

Like many of the best things in life, nearly all of these apps are free. The price of each application is always stated. AndroidAppolo aims to provide a good overview of the top apps in the Market, and it will hopefully come in handy for both those new to Android and to veterans alike.

The Market and services such as AppBrain are great places to start, but what people download the most aren’t always what’s best and many gems are hidden: AndroidAppolo digs them out for you.

The QR Codes can be scanned with Barcode Scanner using your phone’s camera, and will take you directly to the Market.

More great apps are added on a regular basis. The site is maintained by Lars Aronsson, who also is an editor at TechCredo.com and the popular Android blog Androinica. In fact, AndroidAppolo is actually an expansion of TechCredo’s major guide to the top free Android apps and live wallpapers.